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SEX Why do we have a blog about sex on Maximonline? And why does man have so much ability to jump on a trampoline?
Tarzan ,

Tarzan: the man must have a strong penis! I'll tell you how you can do it in 2 weeks!

Hi guys! I’ll get right to it - women like when a man has a powerful tool. No doubt about it! It’s already established that what is important in sex are feelings, tenderness, trust, and things of that nature. But when one is already inside of a woman, the only thing that can be spoken about is hard and fast physiology. Just in this moment the main characters are centimeters of length and thickness! The thing is, women love with their ears, but they love a big dick just as much.

Perhaps this doesn’t matter very much to girls that are totally inexperienced with sex or those that are dead fish, but would you be interested in sleeping with them? Would you like boring shit instead of a torrent of emotions? Well, if it’s like that, then, leave this page, since you will not need the things written below.

If you want to have a savage panther in bed that claws your back and yells so loud that the neighbor on the fifth floor gets a huge erection then you don’t need those average sizes of 15 by 2, but what you really need are SIZES, of at least 20 by 4

But how can you get a big thick penis?

I already told you that I will speak bluntly. And I will tell you right off, that I am not an altruist from head to toe. The remedy that I am going to talk about below, well, I handled their publicity for MONEY. But I did that marketing for a product that is not crappy, and really works. I tried it myself and it helped me. Look at the photo below.

The history

When I fled the Mirniy Cosmodrome, where they used to send rockets to space, it was because I was in total despair and had suffered from not having any money.

I was an average guy of normal sizes

I left for Moscow. I spent a great deal of time trying to find myself. I was a healthy, tall guy. But there were so many just like me in the capital. I had various occasional jobs: I worked as a security guard in a construction area in Malakhovka and as a furniture sales manager. I tried to do something in the fashion industry and I worked as a room administrator at Zverev. As a model, I acted in marketing commercials and I inaugurated the Beautiful Evangelist parade while she was in Moscow. I participated in the Versace Russian suit parade. But the first time that I had any real luck was when I was cast as the main character in the music video for the song “It Is Forbidden To Be So Beautiful” by the band “Beliy Orel.” My participation was something like 10 seconds, and the only part of me that could be seen was my back.

Maybe it was coincidence, but I am sure that in this life nothing happens by chance, and we have to look for reasons and patterns in everything that happens with us. Certainly true if you are not a piece of shit floating in the pipes. The director and operator realized that it was not going to go well for me to play the lover at first since I had muscles, what I had below was only a measly 15 by 2.

Measly 15 by 2

After the shoot, they kept me in mind and invited me to work in striptease. I was accepted by the public, but the women were not going crazy for me. I KNEW the reasons for this and I did something to change the situation.

Having paid a great deal of money, I received a cream that had just come out in the United States to increase my penis size. The seller gave me guarantees that the thing would work for sure. Well, after that, the guy understood that I was gonna split his head if the thing didn’t work after the money that I had paid him. But, thank God, I did not have to do anything.

I started applying it daily, strictly following the instructions. Obviously, the first instruction is to apply it regularly. After 5 days, instead of being 15/2 I measured 17/3. It was really good! After another 6-7 days, I was 18/4. And in one month, I ended up being 21/4,5!
After that point, the growth of my penis continued more slowly, since it was reaching the genetic limits of my body which is generally out of reach for the majority of people - nature reserves it for something else.

Only then appeared the real Tarzan In 1999 I was still single and in general at that time the culture of Moscow was more free, so the girls quickly noticed the changes that JUMPED OUT TO THEIR EYES. But if we talk about my biceps, the circumference had not increased by even one centimeter. So I do not have any doubt as to why I became TARZAN.

In this case, we have SOMETHING MORE to show

Well now, I will tell you a little bit about why I trusted this cream and why I bought it for so much money instead of trying massagers, vacuums, weights and other babble. Remember that the male penis is not simply a muscle. It does not rise and harden as a result of contractions of fibers like a muscle. It does so because the areas fill with blood. The famous Viagra works the same way, by increasing blood flow to the penis.
Therefore, since the penis is not a typical muscle, it is IMPOSSIBLE to train it with exercises!

If it is written somewhere that it can be done, it is a total SCAM. The penis is a fabric, covered with many capillaries that are cavernous bodies. So if you would like to increase the size of your penis, then you have to increase the capacity of those cavernous capillaries. And for that you must increase their elasticity! As such, the cream increases elasticity thanks to the substances that it contains. It is no miracle. Over time the penis "memorizes" its new size and after a while, one no longer needs the cream.
Even so, I must say that all substances used are natural and have no side effects. Look at me, I'm healthy and I feel great.

And now we move on to the selfies of those that I spoke about earlier. Look and be jealous! This is what you can achieve, EACH ONE of you, and if nature were not so greedy, you could attain even better results.

The fact is without ever actually seeing my penis, girls go crazy just feeling it through my clothes.

Having such a strong penis does not only mean happiness for my wife, but is also an integral part of my image. During my performances, although the women do not see it in reality, the feel it and this is what makes them go crazy and that is exactly what I need as an actor.

Well guys, at last. Good news. The MACHOMAN cream - has finally arrived in Russia. Additionally, its current manufacturing technology has improved a great deal and you don’t have to spend a fortune to buy it. It is possible to do so on the official website of the provider . Well now there are no obstacles for he who wants to be a real man.

If you want to be a real man, then do it!

The official sales website of Machoman

P.S. Since they send it to you in a package with no notes, everything is anonymous ;)

Two days ago Je. Sounds good. I’m jealous… Well then I’ll just buy it )
Two days ago Thank you, Yesterday I picked up the package from the Post Office, all good. I just started to use it. It is really good for the money…also I got a discount for 50 percent...from an offer or something like that...
Two days ago My brother lives in the United States and he tells me that this cream is VERY popular there (the analog)... Everyone is excited about him now.
Two days ago Hi, Tarzan! I am impressed with your story! Awesome! I am going to give it to my husband to read)
Two days ago I have been using the cream for two weeks. My penis size INCREASED by 2.5 cm!!! I have an erection that makes my wife think I’m taking pills!:) Yo, Tarzan, thanks alot, man!
Two days ago I also bought it with a discount, I liked it! Thanks
Yesterday I used this cream. +4 cm, Then I stopped using it...since I’m all set)))
Yesterday I got the post notification, I am going to pick it up. As far as the results go, I will write them later.
Yesterday I know about this cream. My husband keeps training and studying it. Maybe he will increase by +2 cm :D
Yesterday Hi, very good job! I am waiting for the package, I already bought it.
Yesterday As for me, I think it is best to leave everything as it is)
Yesterday It is not shocking news. Everyone already knows about this cream. And those who do not know, have no intention of increasing their penis size. My result is + 6CM !!!
Yesterday In the West, the use of this cream is very common and popular. And it is really successful. Fact is, everything takes so long to get to our country...
Yesterday Yo, buddy! Good day! A few months ago I bought that cream, and the results are much better than what I was hoping for..well look, mine also grew by a lot, here’s a photo for you:
Yesterday Well, I bought it just in case, we’ll see what’s gonna happen. Overall everything makes sense.
Yesterday Thanks for the link. I am going to buy some for my boyfriend since he is fed up with his 13 cm, well what can you do, since I love him)))
Yesterday Thanks! I was training for 2 months… I already gained +5 cm…
Yesterday Thanks a lot to you, I got a huge discount of 50%!
Yesterday WOW!! Awesome! I'll share this article with my homies... :)))